Why you should choose a Kelowna Vacation Rental on your next trip to the Okanagan!

Vacation Rentals have recently become more mainstream, and for good reason! They offer the traveler a unique space and personalized experience, while including all the essentials from home.

Just imagine a family vacation where everyone can have their own room (and bathroom)…pure bliss! Or a work trip where you don’t have to eat out ever day of the week.

Vacation Rentals are literally a Home away from Home (someone’s home), that has its quirks, charms and a little personality.

The top 10 reasons why travelers may prefer a Vacation Rental option:

1. More privacy and less interruptions throughout your stay

Most offer coded entry or key-box key collection for check in, so you don’t have to see a soul if you don’t want to. Housekeeping services are also not typically included daily with Vacation Rentals. You usually will pay a Cleaning Fee for the cleaning services upon your departure. Check the host’s policies as there may be slight variation.

2. Unique Charm

When you rent a Vacation Rental it is someone’s home or secondary home you will be staying in. This means that they have selected furnishings that reflect their own unique tastes: homey, urban, eccentric, classic etc. This can add to the experience and overall appeal. You are staying at “Joanne or Tim’s place” not just another room in the city.

3. Personalized Service

Since it is the Owner’s home they are personally invested in you enjoying your stay. They are also a resident of the local area and keen to share their world with you! Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or questions about the City. Kelowna locals are proud to welcome guests from all over the world! We know that we hit the jackpot to live here and cant wait to show you what there is to offer.

4. More bang for your buck

Vacation Rentals are often less costly per square footage than a full service hotel room. BONUS savings when you consider the Kitchen with the ability to cook and store your meals. Many Vacation Rentals also offer Nightly, Weekly and Monthly rates, so the longer you stay the less per day you typically pay.

5. Cooking and/or BBQ

As fore-mentioned the ability to cook your own meals while away offers a huge cost savings. But it is not just that…it is easier to manage any specialty diets or restrictions, just like you do at home.

 6. Included Entertainment

Many owners will fill their rental homes with entertainment items their guest’s many enjoy like DVD’s, Video Games, Board Games or Libraries. These items are not always guaranteed, so if you are hoping for something it is best to ask. Or you can leave it to be a Happy Surprise.

7. Scenic or Convenient Locations

Vacation Rentals are offered in some of the most beautiful areas or convenient ones. You can typically still find them even where hotels are not. Are you visiting someone and want to be close? Perhaps there is a Vacation Rental around the corner offered by a neighboring owner. Or do you prefer to be tucked away from it all, close to nature and extensive walking trails?

8. A Washer and Dryer

If you have stayed anywhere for more than a couple days, you know that eventually you will run out of clean clothes! One of the greatest things about most Vacation Rentals, is you can just simple refresh your whole suitcase in the Washer and Dryer. No need to find a laundry mat, or do an expensive dry-clean/laundry send out. Even more of a lifesaver for those that travel for sports…need I say more?!

9. No person left behind!

Some Vacation Rentals can accommodate up to 20 people (Large House). The average would be about 4 – 8 people. This makes travelling in small groups like multi-families, bachelor/bachelorette’s, or golf groups easier. Get one large condo or home to share vs. small individual rooms.

10. Mix between a Hotel and Vacation Rental

Still not 100% convinced to choose a Vacation Rental on your next stay? There are now more Condo Hotels popping up that allow for a mashup somewhere between a Hotel and Vacation Rental. Get the benefit of a Front Desk and Standard Maintenance and Housekeeping Service…while still experiencing the individualization of a Vacation Rental.


There are many unit type options to choose from to suit your individually needs. You can find Single Bedrooms, Studios, Condos, or Full Houses!

Vacations Kelowna offers Studios, Lofts and Condos in Our Inventory, all which are located along the Okanagan Golf Club. A very scenic and peaceful area of Kelowna, BC.

Whatever accommodation option you choose to book on your next visit to the Okanagan, you can feel confident there is something to suit your needs. We look forward to welcoming you!


The Borgata Lodge

The Borgata Lodge; taken across Els Lake at the Okanagan Golf Club



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